The Wellspring Community

Consecrated Members

An aspiration of this Community is to have consecrated celibate members, whose life is a radical expression of Jesus' command to renounce self, take up our cross everyday and follow him (Luke 9:23). Living the Gospel in community houses, consecrated members would strive to "prefer nothing whatever to Christ" (Rule of St Benedict 72:11) through a life dedicated to God in prayer, lectio divina and study, and availability to others in service and mission. Their life would be characterised by the renunciation of material wealth and private ownership, and a spirit of simplicity: a life "different from the world’s way" (RB 4:20). The vocation to celibate, consecrated life is a special way of following Christ in intimacy, offering a more perfect means to purity of heart - being wholly dedicated to the love of God - and a freedom of availability to love and serve others. If you are interested in finding out more about the consecrated life, and/or are discerning a possible vocation, please contact us.