The Wellspring Community


The Wellspring Community, inspired by the early Christian community in Jerusalem, lives in fidelity to the teachings of the Church, united in the Eucharist, dedicated to a rhythm of private and public prayer, and sharing resources – spiritual and material – in common. By living according to the Rule of St Benedict, the Community is rooted in the wisdom of an ancient tradition: a vision for Gospel living that continues to offer inspiration for many people and communities today.

In the Prologue to St Benedict’s Rule, the Lord’s voice calls out to those who “yearn for life”. The seeker of “true and eternal life” is invited to enter into a relationship of attentive listening to the will of the Father, leaving behind self-will and following Christ’s own path of obedience and humility. The Community offers a context in which men and women may set out on a journey of transformation as they seek daily to translate into action the teachings of Christ (RB Prologue v35).

Centred upon Christ, the Benedictine life leads towards the freedom of self-giving love. As St Benedict assures us, by running upon the ‘path of God’s commandments, our hearts will overflow with the inexpressible delight of love’ (RB Prologue v49).

ChapelOur way of life is emerging as one in which our charism is shared by people of different states of life (single, married and those discerning religious vocation); each state of life, however, is lived out in a distinctive way, appropriate to the particular mission and needs of that vocation. Explore the Consecrated and Married Members pages to find out more.